about stefanie's voice


My name is Stefanie Lang and it is my voice you read on this blog. I enjoy learning about this world’s past and present. What interests me most is people who stand up for justice and fight for a greater good. Writing articles is my way of thinking more deeply and expressing myself.

I divided my fields of interest as follows:

African-American History
I find it so valuable to learn about the over 400 year long fight for freedom, from the times of slavery to the civil rights movement in the 1960s until present day movements like Black Lives Matter. I have read works by famous leaders as Martin Luther King, Jr. or Malcolm X and by less known activists like Frederick Douglass or Ida B. Wells. But for me even more important are the many unsung heroes who had the courage to join the struggle.

Civil Rights Movement Tour
The more I read about the fight for freedom the stronger grew the wish to visit the places of the Civil Rights Movement. Finally I spent three weeks in the US and visited the sites of demonstrations, organising, boycotting, bombings, mob attacks and where Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were assassinated. I share my thoughts, photographs and travel information.

This section is about present-day developments. It troubles me that there are people who face inequality because of how they look, whom they love or what they believe. I also reflect on roles of men and women. What I wish for is a society that is fitting for everyone.

Short Bio

  • Student of mathematics and music for secondary school education
  • Teacher for mathematics and music
  • Intern at charities
  • Maths Editor for digital learning resources

I am based in Berlin, Germany.